Why Is It Important to Maintain Hygienic Conditions in the Data Centre

Nowadays many companies are dependent on data room, server room and data communication equipment. The world wide web is synonymous with business in today’s world, due to the need to constantly communicate data effectively world-wide, which is why a routine data centre cleaning service is imperative.

It is important that data communication systems are stable with a nil failure rate. Routine technical cleaning of data rooms, server rooms and data communication cabinets lessens the danger of hazardous zinc whiskers occurring.

Zinc whiskers are little filaments that occur on metal surfaces that have been electroplated with zinc; they’ve also been known to arise upon wood and concrete core floor panels, plenum side of floor panels, the exposed metallic surface of pedestal or stringer pieces.They are often caused by inner stresses and strains suffered through the electroplating method in the engineering of the galvanised floor tiles implemented in elevated floors.

Zinc whiskers show up from the floor panel surface area and disseminate into the environment threatening sensitive computer hardware doubtlessly triggering short circuit issues in sensitive data hardware.

It is essential regarding any server room environment that the required procedures are utilised to deal with zinc whisker contamination, avoiding the zinc filaments from causing irreversible damage to data communication hardware. Following contact with computer hardware, zinc whiskers can result in power failure and data corruption.

Because of the technical characteristics of data/server room equipment, it is essential that a specialist computer cleaning service is scheduled to routinely cleanse the data centre rooms to prevent zinc whiskers from causing data corruption and long term damage to high end data communication hardware.

In addition to the risk of zinc whiskers, there are many other good reasons why it would not be appropriate for data communication/server rooms to be cleaned by non professional general cleaners. Numerous general cleaners make use of products and equipment that may in fact pose danger to fragile data centre equipment.

There is certainly evidence that proves a large number of domestic cleaning solutions are composed of chemicals that provoke damage, when used on data centre apparatus by having an negative reaction with electrical substances and compounds.

As those trained in specialist data centre cleaning will know, basic vacuum cleaners are inappropriate for use inside of the data centre environment, and actually cause more damages than good. Simply just running a standard vacuum cleaner along the data centre floor, will cause far more contaminates to disperse and possibly build up within data communication cabinets and server rack mounts.