Which Are The Best Places To Get A Smartphone in Germany?

A smartphone is a type of mobile phone with advanced hardware and a powerful operating system. These features allow the device to perform various functions;  making calls, sending text messages, taking photos, videos, internet browsing, and using various smartphone applications. Having a good smartphone makes your life easier.  However, choosing the best smartphone might be daunting. If you are in Germany and looking for a place where you can buy the best smartphone, kindly check Mobilshop3000 for amazing deals. Here you can even get high-quality refurbished iPhones at pocket-friendly prices. These smartphones are essentially small handheld computers with various computing functions.

Selecting the best smartphone

When buying a smartphone, there are factors that you should consider carefully.

The size of the screen

Thinking about the screen size is crucial because everything you will be doing with the phone will be displayed on the screen. Smartphones with large screens give a better user experience, especially when watching videos and taking photos. On the other hand, devices with smaller screens are more compact and light in weight; thus, they are convenient to carry around. You should purchase a smartphone that best suits your needs.


The function of the camera means a lot to many customers, especially those who love taking photos and videos often. So when buying a smartphone, you should think about how good the camera is. A good camera will have a good focus, noise reduction, low-light performance, and a high megapixel. Those who love taking selfies should ensure the smartphone has a front camera.

Phone storage capacity

A smartphone will always have a limited storage capacity.  Depending on the amount of data you want to store there, choosing a smartphone with enough storage capacity is better. This will ensure enough and safe storage for your photos, videos, and other data. It should also have a slot of external SSD for future convenience in case you run short of internal storage.

Operating System

The two main operating systems on smartphones are iOS and Android. Every operating system has its merits and demerits; therefore, choosing the one that best suits your needs is essential. iOS can easily be integrated with other iOS devices like MacBook or iPad, has better security, and is frequently updated. On the other hand, Android is more customizable and have access to more hardware and software option.

Battery size

Smartphones consume a lot of energy due to various applications. You should opt for a smartphone with a battery life of around 14 hours, although this reduces with time. Since the battery degrades with time, it is advisable to purchase a phone with a replaceable battery.

Best shops you can get smartphones in Germany


Saturn is among the most famous electronic shops in Germany where you can get a variety of quality electronic devices, including smartphones. Saturn is widespread in Germany, with so many branches that offer the best services.


These stores have exclusive technology with various promotions and discounts. You can get a smartphone here and other electronic devices at the best prices. Customer service is guaranteed here. You can get quality smartphones here and laptops with amazing features.

Online shopping in Germany

The online business in Germany is booming due to its convenience. There are so many online stores where you can visit and purchase your smartphone. The good thing with online shopping is that you can purchase at any time while in the comfort zone of your home. You have all time to scroll through various stores and compare the features of various smartphones and their. Due to the online market competition, many online stores sell at lower prices to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.


Rebuy was created in 2004 and is one of Germany’s most well-known e-commerce companies. It has created employment for many people in the process of transforming old smartphones into high-quality refurbished gadgets. The German company began by selling used PC games, but its selection has grown over time. Rebuy sells smartphones from nearly 30 different manufacturers, including Apple iPhones. Rebuy’s best feature is that it provides a complete description of the state and images of the equipment. You can even inspect the merchandise before purchasing it. Furthermore, the supplier is accessible because it provides contact alternatives even on weekends.

With the growing technology in Germany, there are so many quality smartphones that you can get. The developed economy has created a sustainable market for smartphones. Therefore, there are several electronics shops where you can get a good smartphone in physical stores and online shops.s