Are you afraid of resorting to your phone data that might result in data loss? Well, your fear is valid. Sometimes you may lose your data to your mistakes while handling your personal information. Many telecom providers are guiding their customers regarding how they can store their data while restoring their devices to avoid the virus invasion and other issues occurring to the phone. The telecom services reviews in the US suggested that customers are happy with the services provided by their telecom companies and the applications through which they can restore their data in a safe location on their phones.

Your digital media is secure in your android phone until a virus invades the device and starts corrupting the device with error messages and data losses. Here are tips to keep your data safe in your android device while formatting your device.

  • Create backup

Creating a backup is what everyone focuses on to retrieve your data from other sources in case theft happens or the device crashes. Data backup involves storing your data on virtual cloud sources or somewhere in a Universal serial bus to retrieve it again after you reformat your phone. You can insert the data again in your phone by directly downloading it from the cloud storage or connecting it to a remote USB.

  • Store in applications

If your data is your photos or your files you can upload them to your google drive or google photos. They will remain safe there for the rest of the time until you delete them from there. Sign in to your google accounts and enable automatic backups for your device storage and other information that is personal to you. When you reformat your device, you can sign into your accounts again and retrieve your data again from it. You can store them on CDs, but they are not that trending yet.

  • Use the androids own backup system

Almost all android phones provide you the facility of backing up your data in their developed applications or locations stored in their phone. You can choose this option while selecting the restore factory option from your phone. Back up your data in your phone backup device and retrieve it from there in case of potential loss or formating your device due to some reasons. It is one of the safest options that can prevent a major loss of your personal information stored on your android phone.

  • Use online tools for storage

There are online applications present on the internet that help you store large amounts of data in your phone when you are factory resetting your device and fearing potential data loss in your device. Some applications like Dr. fone toolkit help you store data for restoring it.


Your data is of much value to you, and you don’t want to lose it due to a small mistake like restoring your phone’s original state without thinking to restore your data and create regular backups for it. Make sure to sign into the Google applications for advanced security of your data and services in case of any damage caused to your device.