How SEO Helped My Business Succeed

I have a company where I do rather well, all things considered. I decided about two years ago that I wanted to expand my customer base. I had plenty of local customers, but I knew that my products would be appealing to people who could purchase them straight from a website. Even with delivery charges, it would be cheaper for some people to shop this way rather than come into the city and buy what they wanted. I could also reach further out, perhaps even selling to international customers. To do this though, I needed some SEO help.

Like I said, my local customer base has always been really good. I just needed to make sure that people who don’t live close to my business would be able to find me online. I had a website that locals used to gather information on the products I currently had on stock, but I knew that would need revamped too since actual sales would take place on it. I needed to find a company that would help me revamp my website and then make sure that someone hours away from me could find it just as easily as my current customers were finding it.

I decided to let a local company handle this for me, and I have not looked back since. They totally redid my website so the store inventory is still there but customers who do not come into the store could order whatever they wanted from my site. They also made it so when people wanted the kind of products that I sell, my company came up at the top of the search engine results. My local business has picked up a considerable amount, but the online business took me by surprise because it is nonstop. I have had to hire nearly a dozen more employees just to help me!